Alternative Resale Shop       - 1806 West 5th Avenue  Columbus, Ohio  43212
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Well, it looks like Spring is just around the corner! We've got St. Patty's Day and Easter coming up, so why not stop in and pick up a new outfit for one or both?? 

We are now accepting Prom gowns as well as general Spring merchandise.  We currently need capris, sleeveless and short-sleeve tops, shorts and Spring dresses. You can also bring in Summer suits for men in tans and other light colors. Prom gowns will be accepted until the end of March.
Welcome to Alternative Resale!    The "Fun Store" since 1980
Alternative Resale Shop has been owned and operated by the same people since it's opening in 1980.  Many businesses have come and gone on 5th Avenue, but Alternative Shop remains a fixture on what has become to be known as "Consignment Row".  Alternative Resale Shop offers everything you need, whether it be a new business suit, bridal or formal gown, or back-to-school clothes.  The wide variety ensures that you will find what you are looking for at a fraction of the original cost.
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